Women Paid by Class and Occupation

People do not comprehend how bad gender inequality is and how the pay gap affects women, regardless of how much they earn. I ask myself the question, why do we still have gender inequality, but the better question is how did it all start, especially in the work force? According to Catherine Hill of the Huffington Post, during the 1930s, the government paid female workers 25 percent less than men in the same occupation. Although the government tried to be fair by fighting for women to have equal pay during the 1950s, nothing was set in stone until 1963, thus the creation of the Equal Pay Act signed by President John F. Kennedy.

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At first, the pay gap was due to men being superior, if you were a women, you did not receive the equal pay because it is a man’s world, and it still is, even in 2015. Now the difference in pay is due to much more details other than being a female, which has no logical justification. Everything is based on the white male race, according to Chris Hoenig’s article on the topic of racial gaps in the workforce, Hispanics receive the lowest of the low when it comes to their income and weekly pay. Men produce an average of $550 in a week, while women would make about $500 for their hard work. Even as a minority, women are not receiving the same pay as men, on average, they will receive $50 less than the Hispanic men. Although men might be paid more due to their hard work and effort being put in their job, often times it is due to just simply being male, similar to how women receive less income due to them being nothing else but a women.


A women police officer’s average weekly earnings is about $743 while a men’s average weekly earnings is $1,043, which means men are getting paid at least $300 more in this occupation. The $300 gap is not a big number when compared to financial managers, where women are earning $1,127 and men earn $1,671, which is a $544 difference in pay. Society interprets the role of working men as something superior and worth a lot of money, but how is women’s work being appreciated? It is not. Women do not get acknowledged for their work, in proving so, they are not being paid the same amount as men. Their time is not valued, nor is their effort put into their production.

Many companies are supposed to follow the Equal Employment Opportunity laws, laws highly emphasized by the government for employers to treat their employees in a fairly manner, It is unreasonable to be giving workers more pay in the simplest occupation due to gender. Police officers to financial managers receive more than $300 in their pay check not because they were doing highly skilled labor, but simply because they were born a man. When women demand for equal pay, it becomes a huge issue, employers threaten to not raise their pay or to minimize their weekly hours. When a man demands for a higher raise, the employers often times remind the employee that their promotion is on its way.

2 thoughts on “Women Paid by Class and Occupation

  1. You should hyperlink the Equal Pay Act to something that tells us what exactly it meant and does. I want to know more about that since it could give woman something to use when fighting for equal pay.
    “Police officers to financial managers (receive up to $300 more than women do) in their pay check not because..” the part in parenthesis is a suggestion on how to reword your sentence. I read your source so luckily I knew what you were trying to say!
    All in all I think this was good, I think your conclusion needs a bit more work because it didn’t feel very final but other than that, this was very strong. I enjoy reading about this.


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