Who is Fighting for Women’s Rights

The majority of organizations believe that women deserve equal pay for what they put into at work, especially now, but women still don’t get treated fairly. Organizations such as the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and Equal Rights Advocates, all understand the inequality being present in the work force and do not support it. They believe that the change should be now, not tomorrow or next week but struggle with major companies trying to ignore the issue.

The Equal Rights Advocate’s mindset follows with their quote, “I don’t have fifty more years to wait for equal pay. Do you?”, they have made campaigns in order to raise awareness of the situation. In 2013, they promoted their campaign Early Pay Today! Which celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. They know that the inequality is present in every single state and varies within the cities. The pay gap also varies within race, education and occupation, although, education plays a huge factor in job titles, they believe women should not receive their pay based on color and/or gender. The campaign associates with different organizations that have the similar point of view as their own. The organization also emphasizes the role of women in a marriage and how they are perceived in the eyes of society, should women accept being treated unfairly and let men overpower them, or should they fight for what they believe is right?


For the organization, American Association of University Women’s (AAUW) vision is to have women treated fairly in order to “open doors for women in the workplace.” On an average work life, of about 47 years, women lose about $700,000 if she is a high school graduate, and according to the organization, she would lose about $1.2 million if she is a college graduate and roughly about $2 million if she went to graduate school. Even though it seems as if women are being paid a couple cents less than men, in the long run, these 23 cents add up to more than $700,000. This organization emphasizes the fact that women are not the only one who face the issue but families as well, such as being able to make enough for ends meet or even pay for school. How else are they supposed to move up the social ranking if they are limited at work? If they begin to earn just a little more or even the same as men, they are not limited to barley covering their food on the table.


The organization that is my all-time favorite that fights for women’s equality in the work force is the American Association of University Women’s (AAUW). The thing about the (AAUW) is the fact that the organization fights for women against discrimination in all major aspects by dissecting important factors at work. The organization gathers all the information against women, for example, if a women is being discriminated based on education, the organization focuses on their GPA, extra-curricular activities, and even electives. Instead of focusing on just the diploma itself, since that still isn’t sufficient to begin earning the same pay as men.


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