Over the Government’s Shoulder

The government should see the burden they create on women when they do not enforce equal pay within companies. Many companies are getting away with discriminating women within certain jobs and occupation. What is the purpose of following the law such as not drinking until you are 21 years old or even littering and getting penalized for it, if the government allows companies to break the law when they allow them to treat women unfairly?


In 1963, the government passed on an act called the Equal Pay Act, which is an act where the government “prohibit discrimination on account of sex in the payment of wages by employers engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce.” The Act makes sure that companies are not basing their workers performance or qualifications on gender, but by their qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, most of the time, this is not the case, because companies are bias on what women are capable of doing. This injustice really hurts women and their position in society since the government allows companies to undermine women.  

Even though both genders are the same and the occupations is the same, the outcome of the choices being made by both male and female workers, is not. Although there are hard working women in the work force, even then, their tasks might not be the same. Paying women the same as men for the occupations seems unreasonable to certain employees even in the same occupation because they chose to give out restrictions, and the government just allows them to do so. If the government would reinforce the Act, then maybe women would not have to constantly feel discouraged in the work force. The government should respect the laws that they established in 1963, instead of allowing companies to get away with discrimination in 2015.  


It is illegal for women to be getting underpaid or mistreated because there is an Act that fights against it. The argument of not balancing out both gender’s income is invalid because it really doesn’t support the case that men are hard workers while women are not. This injustice gives more of an opportunity to companies in the benefit of paying men what they deserve, while still paying women based on their production in the job or their own judgement. This argument reassures the issue on how we are living in a man’s world because men continue to work with reasonable pay and are treated fairly, but in order to live in a women’s world or even a fair world, especially in the work force, companies would need to stop looking at their workers being girls, instead, they need to see them as workers. The government would also need to put emphasis on Equal Pay Act and make sure companies are not getting away with discriminating women or men in their own companies.


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