The fight for equality

Some of the benefits of respecting the equal pay against both men and women would reduce a lot of the separation in society. Many men and women would be on the same page and pay according to their occupation, with the exception of experience and years of commitment within the company. If it wasn’t for the glass ceiling effect, which is an invisible limit that many corporations and employers use that makes it difficult and almost impossible for women to grow in the social ladder. I strongly feel that women are focused on fighting for respect, equal pay, and equality, while men are defending the positions given to them for being men.  


The hesitation for equal pay in the nation affects not only both genders but it also affects companies that continue to discriminate woman since the issue is illegal. The Equal Pay Act, fights and demands for equal treatment and equal pay in the work force. If companies choose to discriminate women, they are at risk of getting shut down, but who is going to shut them down since the government does not get involved anymore and turn their shoulder as they see the companies going against the law. This “breather” allows employers to get away with underpaying women, as they are basically able to “steal” money for themselves.


Women work too hard to not get acknowledged at work, while men continue to carry out their business. There is still no reasonable explanation for men to be praised at work and women to be limited. I strongly believe that the government needs to readdress their Acts and laws that protect not only women, but both genders against discrimination at work. Women need to stand up and fight for what is right, even if it means protesting against the government. Just like how companies tend to not take women serious, I believe that the government does the same, which is why they allow companies to mistreat women. Paying women the same as men for the occupations would give women a fair treatment in the work force, which they deserve, but it would also give them an opportunity to climb a bit higher in the social ladder where they feel equal when compared to men.

American companies should respect both genders, especially women, by having the same pay for production and performance, not by gender. The flow of production might be more at ease when both genders do not feel like victims while at work. The argument of balancing out both gender’s income and treatment is valid because it really does support the case that we are all the same, and even though men seem higher up in the social ladder, at the end of the day, we are all the same. The government also needs to create new laws, similar to the Equal Pay Act, which enforces and argues against the discrimination at work.


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